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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

The Beaches

For ten long years, The Beaches found little purchase, and in 2022, the all-female indie rock band from Toronto, Canada was finally let go by their record label. Not much later, ‘Blame Brett’ (2023) finally managed to lift the curse. This bouncy single was a blessing in disguise. The eponymous Brett is Brett Emmons, frontman of the Canadian rock band The Glorious Sons and the ex of Jordan Miller, frontwoman of The Beaches. The song is a warning to any new boyfriends that things just won’t work out – which is not her fault, but his. “I asked Brett for permission and he thought it was cool.” The single first won over fans in Belgium, and in November 2023, the four ladies played their European debut show in Antwerp. There is much more good stuff to come, which of course they’ve been working on and perfecting for over a decade. For fans of Blondie and/or The Last Dinner Party. 

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