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The Slope

Soccer Mommy

How can you recognise a great songwriter? By ingeniously-put-together songs that still sound simple. And vice versa.   Sophia Regina Allison is one of the most gifted songwriters around today. As Soccer Mommy, she composes indie rock songs full of pithy one-liners. Conversely, on her recent album ‘Karaoke Night’ (2023) she shows how easily and beautifully she makes songs by Sheryl Crow, Pavement, R.E.M. and Taylor Swift her own. Allison was born in Switzerland but grew up in the American music mecca of Nashville. She posted her bedroom recordings on Bandcamp and Soundcloud and, not long after, got to tour with personal heroes such as Slowdive, Vampire Weekend and Wilco. Allison certainly will not be rushed: she describes what she does as “chill but kinda sad”. 

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