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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

Equal Idiots

‘Incredible red-haired guitarist and singer. International career on its way.’ That’s how Thibaut Christiaensen was introduced to humanity in the TV programme De Slimste Mens in 2017. He quickly became the darling of Flanders and watched his punk band explode in popularity. Equal Idiots is power, founded by two idiots (their own words) from Hoogstraten, in the Kempen region of Flanders. The duo’s “energetic, rattling music” is reminiscent of early Black Box Revelation. It’s working well. Their second single ‘Put My Head in the Ground’ (2017) spent two weeks at the top of Studio Brussel’s De Afrekening. They presented their second album ‘Adolescence Blues Community’ (2019) in a full Ancienne Belgique. Album number three is on its way and promises to be even louder than its predecessors. The first single will be released just before the festival season. 

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