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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium


Festival tickets
  • Combi festival ticket (valid from 4 to 7 July): SOLD OUT
  • One day festival ticket Thursday 4 July: 134 euros
  • One day festival ticket Friday 5 July: SOLD OUT
  • One day festival ticket Saturday 6 July: SOLD OUT
  • One day festival ticket Sunday 7 July: SOLD OUT

Ticket prices are including service fee, mobility and eco contribution.

Tickets for Rock Werchter 2024 are exclusively available via ticketmaster.be.

Each festival ticket allows you to download one free train ticket for public transport (train/festival bus) to and from Werchter.

❗ If you wish to stay on one of the festival's campsites, you'll need to purchase a camping ticket as well. See 'Camping tickets' for more info.

Camping tickets

Camping is a part of festivals. Are you going for the full experience? Don't forget to book your camping ticket or package. An overview of what's on offer:

The Hive. Top notch camping meets top notch experience. The Hive is located close to the Festival Park and is run by the festival organization.

  • SOLD OUT - Camping ticket The Hive: for those coming to The Hive with their own tents, who are looking for basic yet good facilities. A regular ticket to The Hive costs 39 euros (incl. service costs).
  • LAST CALL FOR TICKETS - The Hive My Space: for those who prefer a little extra space. The Hive My Space is on offer in several dimensions, with or without a pre-pitched tent. Prices of a package without tent start at 61,5 euros per person; packages with tent start at 121,5 euros per person.
  • LAST PACKAGES -The Hive Resort: for those who want to 'glamp' in style!
  • The Hive ADL in collaboration with Inter is dedicated to festivalgoers with a handicap. A ticket to The Hive ADL costs 39 euros (incl. service costs). This campsite opens on Thursday morning.

The Hive is accessible from Wednesday 3 July at 2PM. Those staying on The Hive/The Hive My Space/The Hive Resort or The Hive ADL, have access to Central Park for a nice get-together.

Not run by the festival organization are the Camping Regular campsites, all within walking distance of the Festival Park. Rather basic, but not less cosy. These campsites open on Thursday morning.

Rock Werchter Mobilhome is exclusively for campers/motorhomes, and offers dedicated facilities.

Are you staying on The Hive and do you enjoy a cold Jupiler? Pre-order your chilled six-pack of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 on this link. No more dragging your beer cans to the tent, and lukewarm beer is also a thing of the past. Exchange your voucher for competitively priced, ice-cold cans of Jupiler or Jupiler 0.0 at the booth at Central Park, on The Hive. Please note: supply is limited, so be quick. Cheers!


Within the Festivalpark, The Hive and The Hive Resort, you can pay for food and drinks with Coins, Rock Werchter's own digital currency. Coins can be purchased during the festival via the QR code on the tag of your festival wristband, via the Rock Werchter app or at the counters. One Coin costs 3.5 euros. After purchase, Coins will be added to the chip of your festival wristband and can be used immediately. Swipe your wristband at the reader at the drink and food stands to pay.

Convenient and with a temporary special offer: buy your Coins now!

You can purchase your Coins in advance, and make the most of a special offer: for every 20 Coins purchased, you get one free.

  1. Click here to create an account
  2. Link your festival ticket (found in your Ticketmaster account) to your account
  3. Purchase Coins and make the most of the special offer.

Upon arrival at the Festivalpark, the Coins you’ve purchased will appear on the tag of the entrance wristband you receive after scanning your ticket. Offer subject to conditions, valid until 27 June.

Frequently asked questions about Coins and Cashless at Rock Werchter. Detailed information can be found here.

  • We'd like to share a kitty with friends. How to do this?
    Would you like to set up a kitty with your friends? Then opt for the groupie card! Rather than loading Coins to your wristbands individually, collectively purchased Coins can be accumulated on a card. The groupie card is available at every top-up booth. A minimum top-up of 10 Coins is required to obtain this card. Now we just have to decide who’s getting the drinks 😉
  • Can I get a refund for any unspent Coins after the festival?*
    Yes, you can request a refund from Thursday 11 July 2024 at 11 am until Thursday 25 July 2024 at 11.59 pm. After this period has elapsed, no refunds will be processed. Refunds are issued within a month of request. An administrative fee of 1 Coin is charged for refunds. You must register in order to request a refund. (*) Only Coins you have purchased will be refunded, see conditions of sale.
  • I want to resell my ticket but have already loaded some Coins. What now?
    You can safely resell your ticket via Ticketmaster Resale. Coins will not be resold along with it. The ticket resold via this Ticketmaster service will get a new barcode. You can request a refund for any Coins you have purchased during the regular refund period. Please note that if you have a festival ticket linked to Coins, and you choose to sell it through another channel than Ticketmaster Resale, the Coins will remain tied to the ticket. The new owner can use them. Be aware that trading tickets through unofficial channels is entirely at your own risk.
Parking tickets

We're offering a lot of easy, comfortable and fast alternatives to the car. Avoid traffic jams and pick one of the alternative options.

If you plan to arrive in Werchter by car or motorcycle, take into account possible delays during your outward and return journeys. Several streets around the Festivalpark will be closed off and parking will be prohibited.

If you come to Werchter by car or motorcycle, you must purchase a parking ticket in advance. Without a valid parking ticket, you do not have access to the car parks. Note that only a limited number of parking tickets are on sale. Parking tickets are available from this page.

Which car park to choose?

  • I will not spend the night at one of the campsites:
    • I come to Werchter via the E19 from Ghent or Antwerp > choose Parking BLAUW 1 and Parking The Hive
    • I come via the E314 from Brussels, Liège, Leuven or France > choose one of the car parks in zone ROZE
    • I come via the E314 from Aarschot, Lummen or the Netherlands > choose one of the car parks in zone GROEN
  • I will stay at a festival campsite:
    • I am staying at The Hive > Choose The Hive parking in zone BLAUW
    • I am staying at Camping A1 > Choose parking BLAUW 1
    • I am staying at Camping C3 > Choose parking GROEN 3 or GROEN 5
    • I am staying at Camping C7 > Choose parking GROEN 2

The packages for The Hive Resort & The Hive ADL campsites include a parking ticket in the corresponding car park.

⚠️ Always use the QR code on your parking ticket to navigate to the car park. The route guidance via the QR code takes into account the traffic measures in force during the festival in real time.

Ticket help

Our ticket partner Ticketmaster is happy to answer any questions. Their employees can be reached online. An answer to the most frequently asked ticketing related questions can be found in the Ticketmaster FAQ.

Reselling tickets / buying resale tickets securely

Want to resell your Rock Werchter ticket or buy one off someone else, securely? It's easy through Ticketmaster Resale.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot attend Rock Werchter and wish to resell your ticket, you can offer it for resale in your Ticketmaster account. Read more on how to do this here.

Do you want to buy a ticket off someone else, in a secure manner? Go to Ticketmaster and to the page of the ticket type in question. On the bottom right, you'll find a list of available 'resale' tickets. Select the ticket you wish to buy and follow the instructions.

This service is available up until a few days before the festival. Only festival tickets, camping The Hive tickets and camping regular tickets can be sold through the resale platform. Parking tickets, packages for The Hive Resort and other ancillary products cannot be offered through the resale platform.

Read more about secure reselling and buying of tickets through Ticketmaster here.

Stay vigilant

Buy your tickets only from our official ticketing partner via ticketmaster.be. Don't blindly order your tickets through the first website that pops up on your search engine. Chances are you are visiting an auctioning website or a ticket reseller. Not only will tickets offered through these websites sometimes be more expensive; you also risk being denied access to the festival. 

There is a legal framework in Belgium that curbs the resale of tickets. Nevertheless, the trade in festival tickets on parallel markets is rampant. Contrary to tickets purchased via ticketmaster.be, tickets purchased on the black market do not guarantee validity. All too often we find that fraudulent tickets are offered via these channels. It is possible that tickets purchased on a parallel market are on the blacklist, so the access to the festival will be refused. Read more via FOD Economie.