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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium

The Hive Resort

The Hive Resort: for those who want to 'glamp' in style! Many different packages to The Hive Resort are available. The Hive Resort opens on Wednesday 3 July at 2 pm.

The Hive Resort - practical

Activities & facilities
  • 24 hour reception
  • Afternoon chilling, midnight lounge
  • Relaxing yoga sessions
  • The Hive Resort Terrace: hangout in style with (late night) snacks and bar.
  • The Hive Resort Café: delicious breakfast, the best lunch, hot meals, bar food, late night snacks.
  • Sanitary facilities: water-flushed toilets, showers. Hairdryers at your disposal
  • All packages include (a) reserved parking spot(s) near The Hive Resort
  • Those staying on The Hive Resort have access to Central Park in The Hive
  • Holders of a camping ticket to The Hive Resort can collect their festival bracelet at The Hive Resort’s entrance on Wednesday.
How to get to The Hive Resort?

Travel smart, travel green. Use public transport! Your festival ticket entitles you to a free e-train ticket to and from Rock Werchter. At Leuven or Aarschot station catch the festival bus by De Lijn. On Wednesday, only those with a The Hive camping ticket can enjoy this service. From Thursday 7 am until Monday 2 pm, the buses are available for all festivalgoers.

Do you live nearby? Then come to Rock Werchter by bike! Park your bike safely in one of our three bicycle parking areas near the Festival Park, free of charge. You would like to bike to Werchter, but the distance is a bit too large? Choose park & bike! Park your car for free and continue your journey by bike.

Coming by car? The car parks in zone blue are accessed via the E19 Antwerp - Brussels. From the motorway follow the signs to the parking lot reserved for campers of The Hive Resort. Traffic on this route could be heavy.

Read the custom mobility information for The Hive Resort here.

Central Park

For leisure and entertainment. For a drink and a bite. Central Park is centrally located in The Hive and accessible to people staying on The Hive, The Hive My Space or The Hive Resort.


  • Café De Welkom (new): the nicest pub of Rock Werchter. Café De Welkom is open every festival day from 8 am to 3 am. Enjoy a drink and a snack.
  • Drink and food stands
  • Lockers: anyone who wants to keep personal belongings safe or wants to charge their phone, can use our lockers. No deposit is required for the use of the lockers. More info here.
  • Camping shop: Have you settled in at The Hive, but have you forgotten a few camping items? No worries, visit the camping shop on site or order your camping supplies in advance. Handy, because everything is ready for you upon arrival. You can order here.
  • Information stand
  • Power banks for smartphones: empty battery? Come rent a power bank! This stand is open from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm and from 11 pm to 2 am.
  • First aid post


  • Party! Studio Brussel presents a great party program. Line-up will follow soon.
  • 2024 European Football Championship. Watch all Euros games on the big screen.
Breakfast voucher The Hive Resort

You can order a daily luxurious breakfast at The Hive Resort in advance. Buy a breakfast voucher and enjoy a top-notch breakfast during your stay, including delicious pastries, granola, prepared sandwiches, cold cuts and cheeses, hot dishes, coffee, tea and juices. Breakfast is served on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning between 8 am and 2 pm in the dedicated breakfast corner at The Hive Resort.

Only campers staying at The Hive Resort can use this breakfast voucher.

Buy your breakfast voucher for The Hive Resort here.

Security measures at the entrance

There will be pat-down searches at The Hive, The Hive My Space and The Hive Resort's entrance. Backpacks and luggage will be searched extensively.

Camping bracelet

In exchange for a valid camping ticket and upon presentation of a valid festival ticket, you can check in to the campsite. You will receive a camping bracelet showing which campsite you are staying on. The camping bracelet does not grant access to any of the other campsites.

Do you wish to camp with friends on one of the festival campsites? Be sure to decide on the campsite of your choice in advance! Tickets cannot be exchanged after your purchase.

Collect your festival bracelet early, on Wednesday

Campers with a camping ticket for The Hive, The Hive My Space or The Hive Resort can already exchange their combi festival ticket for a combi festival bracelet on Wednesday (until 11pm), at the entrance of their campsite.

One-day festival bracelets are only available on the day itself at the entrance of the festival.

Keep the campsite clean

At The Hive Resort we use reusable cups. You pay a deposit of 0.3 Coin per cup. If you take the empty cup to a recycle/return point, the deposit will be added to the Coin balance on your wristband or groupie card. Anyone who hands in 15 empty RPET bottles will receive a free Coin at the recycle/return stand.

Every camper at The Hive or The Hive Resort receives a recycling kit with bin bags upon arrival.​Full bags can be delivered to the various waste points. Anyone who needs an extra bag will receive one upon simple request.

Charging point

You can visit the phone charging stand located at Central Park to rent a powerbank. This stand is open from Thursday to Sunday from 10.30 am to 3 pm and from 11 pm to 2 am.

Do's & don'ts


  • Glass, sharp objects, weapons.
  • Tapping equipment. Drinks are available at the campsites for a reasonable price.
  • Large objects/furniture that don't belong on a campsites - sofas, kitchen tables, refrigerators, freezers, etc.*
  • Gas burners and installations are forbidden by order of the fire department.
  • Dry ice
  • Drones
  • Water kettles
  • Generators, they cause extra noise and constitute an additional safety hazard.
  • Fire (torches, candles, cookers, charcoal BBQ, etc) is dangerous, especially with so many tents crowded together.
  • Pets, except for assistance dogs (either or not in training) for people with a disability.
  • Music equipment making too much noise will be confiscated.
  • Commercial activities: it is strictly forbidden to deal drugs, sell food or drinks, tickets and so on.
  • Flyers: it is forbidden to hand out flyers or any other promotional material.
  • Coffee machines, kettles, air conditioners, refrigerators, cooling installations, toasters, etc.
  • Reels with extension cords.
  • Tents, tarpaulins and gazebos ('party tents').
  • Cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, camper vans, etc. They endanger camping safety. Hand trucks (trolleys) > 1m x 1m20 aren't allowed either. Motorhomes and campers are only allowed on the Rock Werchter Mobilhome campsite.


  • enjoy your stay
  • make friends
  • respect your fellow campers
  • get enough sleep
  • brush your teeth
  • wash your hands
  • shower regularly
  • keep the campsite clean, together with us

(*) About large objects/furniture: the camping manager decides in case of doubt.


If you wish to keep your personal belongings safe, use our lockers in The Hive's Comfort Zones, The Hive Resort, The Hive My Space or Central Park. You can rent a locker for one festival day or for the entire duration of the festival.

Fire safety at The Hive Resort

The Hive Resort campsite is divided into zones with fire lanes in between. Fire lanes have to be clear at all times. Any material in the fire lanes will be removed by the campsite staff. The Hive Resort is surrounded by a service lane. Very convenient for logistics, but also necessary for quick interventions by the emergency services and evacuations.

First aid

The Red Cross and the ambulance service from Leuven are permanently present. Need first aid? Call 112 or call for help through the App 112. Never hesitate to ask a (camping) crew member for help. There is a permanent first aid post of the Red Cross at The Hive.

The pharmacy in Werchter is located on Tweebruggenstraat 7. Opening hours during Rock Werchter from 10 am to 6 pm. Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

At your service

Do not hesitate to speak to the campground staff if you need help or information.