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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope

The Southern River Band

The Southern River Band is a good example of the premise that you are the product of the environment in which you grew up. In this case that is Thornlie, a residential neighbourhood in Perth, Western Australia where the jukebox in the Thornlie Tavern still plays the same records as it did in the 1970s: classics by AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen and the Stones. They made a lasting impression on four local teenagers who, at a certain point, had only one goal in life: to take their rock party anywhere with a stage and a PA system. This they have done in such an intensive way that The Southern River Band soon became one of the most popular live acts in Australia. This resulted in a national tour with The Darkness. The band is totally ready to take on the rest of the world. 

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