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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
KluB C


Only My Bloody Valentine could challenge Slowdive for the crown of the genre known as shoegaze: a wall of guitar noise full of echo and feedback, with lyrics floating through the static. Shoegaze was born in the 90s and gets its name from the detached, apathetic attitudes of the musicians, who would stand on stage almost motionless, staring at their feet. In 1995, after releasing three great albums, Slowdive recoiled from the impending threat of fame and disappeared into anonymity. But more than 20 years later, the quintet made a glorious comeback with ‘Slowdive’ (2017), gaining the veterans a host of young fans. Without any obligations, Slowdive has flown high, with their only ambition to create interesting records, such as ‘everything is alive’ (2023), a fiery exploration of life with hints of early New Order. Every note is right, every detail perfected.

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