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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Barn

Whispering Sons

In the pre-Covid year 2019, Whispering Sons played a good 100 concerts in 20 countries, including such cities as London, Paris, Budapest, Gdansk, Prague and Riga. Since winning Humo’s Rock Rally 2016 the five Limburgian Brussels residents have barely been home. Whispering Sons’ audience’s ages range from 7 to 77. Older fans enjoy their upgrade of the ‘eighties heritage of The Cure, Joy Division and Sisters Of Mercy, while young fans hear an exciting sound that fits in among contemporary bands like Dry Cleaning or Fontaines D.C. Whispering Sons’ USP is the deep voice of vocalist Fenne Kuppens, which spices up their foreboding sound beautifully. The new album ‘The Great Calm’ (2024) sounds like a convincing way to announce their new travel plans.  

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