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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Barn

The Blaze

The Blaze are the latest in a line of fantastic exemplars of the French touch in dance music. Cousins Guillaume and Jonathan Alric are distant descendants of Daft Punk, Justice and St. Germain. The pair are noteworthy for their spectacular combination of sound and visuals, and their mysterious music videos are so brilliant that they win prizes at film festivals. In a live setting, these images lift the duo’s hypnotic house to a higher echelon. The Blaze’s shows are some of the best live experiences of our time, with the tour following their much-lauded debut ‘Dancehall’ (2018) lasting no less than three years. Afterwards, they spent two years perfecting the follow-up album ‘Jungle’ (2023). Now it’s high time for another adventure. A modest milestone: The Blaze will perform at Forest National for the very first time this year.

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