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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
KluB C


The five members of Parcels traded the white beaches of Australia for the gloomy grey of Berlin. No bad thing, though, as they landed right in the middle of the European club scene. And that was the idea. Initially, the band played  glossy electropop with angelic harmonies. They collaborated with Daft Punk and their work came out on hip Parisian labels Because and Kitsuné. In a nutshell, they found the right creative environment. However, they gradually moved towards the wild side of nightlife. Hesitantly at first on ‘Live Vol. 1’ (2020), a powerful dance set Parcels recorded as a band in Hansa Studio in Berlin. Later, they recorded the unrestrained ‘Live Vol. 2’ (2023) at a party in the Parisian Le Palace nightclub. You can hear the dancers yelling and whooping while they play. They are now taking this party around the world from Manila to Mexico. Be prepared!

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