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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope

Palaye Royale

In 2008, Canadian Stephanie Cowper asked her good friend Paul Weller for advice. Her three teenage sons were getting out of control. They’d had enough of school and absolutely had to get into music. Where to begin? “Let them drop out of school and figure it out,” the former frontman of The Jam and The Council said. Sebastian Danzig, Remington Leith and Emerson Barrett started out as Kropp Circle – Kropp being their family name. In 2011, Kropp Circle turned into Palaye Royale, named for the dance hall in Toronto where their grandparents met. The trio call themselves a fashion-art rock band. Their fashion outs itself in punky haircuts, makeup and eye-catching outfits, and their music is inspired by Britpop, New York Dolls and David Bowie. No wonder, then, that they elected to base themselves in Las Vegas. Entertainment in all its glory!

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