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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Barn


James de Graef spent a lot of time with Shht, described as ‘the most confusing band in Flanders’. His next step: something completely different. Loverman is a hypnotic crooner whose deep baritone echoes with the sounds of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Scott Walker. The man in his late 20s has his British mother to thank for his fluent English. Some of his passion for music came from his father, a music-loving professor of English literature in Leuven. James studied music production in Liverpool and piano in Ghent, and his experiments led him to classic songwriting. The mysterious Loverman met with instant approval; a European tour with Tamino, nominations for the MIAs and a remarkable amount of praise from France for his debut ‘Lovesongs’ (2023). The future looks bright. 

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