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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
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Brutus’s name reflects their sound. The slogan: ‘Trouble comes in threes. So does Brutus’. Behind that veil of badassery hide three lovely people from Leuven, Belgium. They found a musical compromise in their love for hardcore, metal, punk and shoegaze, and managed to pick out a spot of their own in the overpopulated world of guitar rock. Their ambitions were high from the beginning. Their debut ‘Burst’ (2017), recorded in Vancouver, Canada, was heard all over the world. Today, Brutus moves in international circles. The group has signed with one American and one British record label, and have travelled all over Europe and a large chunk of the USA in recent years. In their home country, they were immortalised in 2022. ‘All Along’ rests on top of De Zwaarste Lijst, Studio Brussel’s annual label with the 66 best metal songs. 

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