Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
Main Stage

Zwangere Guy

Zwangere Guy is a pioneer and a record-holder. ‘Wie is Guy?’ (2019) was the first gold Dutch-language hip-hop record - within five months of release. It was also the first album in the genre that reached the top of the national charts. That same year, the Brussels rapper did it all over again with ‘BRUTAAL’ (2019). In a few short steps, Gorik van Oudheusden showed that he was a heavyweight, before turning things up a few more gears. According to his buddy Jan Paternoster (Black Box Revelation), the man is the hardest working “real G in the game”. Guy is a member of the capital’s posse STIKSTOF, has made an album with Lander Gyselinck and works on the fictional series ‘Putain’. He comes to Werchter as himself: the unstoppable, ruthless, mind-blowing Zwangere Guy.


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