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The Barn


Balthazar took a hiatus in 2016. And what do you know? Another three kings appeared right away. Three members of the band presented their own work. Warhaus, that of frontman Maarten Devoldere, was the first and longest-lasting. In ‘We Fucked a Flame Into Being’, the British music magazine Mojo heard traces of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Serge Gainsbourg, and at least as much international appeal as Balthazar. The self-titled follow-up in 2017 included the great ‘Love’s A Stranger’, a duet with former partner and band member Sylvie Kreusch that has since been listened to 20 million times. ‘Ha Ha Heartbreak’ (2022) sets a very different tone. The album is a broken heart set to music. Devoldere recorded the demos in isolation in Palermo, lending them an Italian flair. Very cinematic and very beautiful.


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