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Festivalpark Werchter Belgium
The Slope


Kingfishers are feathered friends who can be found along most Irish waterways. They are sedentary, unless there isn’t enough food available. Three-man band Kingfishr say they’re doing exactly that. They’re heading out into the world in search of things they can’t find in their home country of Ireland. Eddie Keogh, Eoghan McGrath and Eoin Fitzgibbon met each other while studying engineering at the University of Limerick. Their first single ‘flowers-fire’ (2022) was released just before their final exams. An unmistakeable Celtic vibe permeates Kingfishr. They are storytellers, with Irish folk music in their blood. They fill out their folk rock with influences from singer-songwriter Ben Howard, film composer Hans Zimmer and their national treasure U2 - a grand promise. 

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