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Black Pumas

Black Pumas were lauded as the breakout band of the year in the US in 2019. Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada from Texas attribute this honour to their unique pairing. They are the answer to the question of what it would sound like if Sam Cooke and Neil Young joined the Wu-Tang Clan. The answer is psychedelic soul. Quesada, in his forties, was in a  Latin funk band. He had a few instrumentals knocking around his studio in need of a voice. He was tipped off about Burton, a busker. After a flawless debut, Black Pumas raised the bar higher still on ‘Chronicals of a Diamond’ (2023). The pair bring a new charm to familiar musical elements. Their live show, which they describe as their ‘electric church’, demonstrates this. They are presenting their new album at Forest National; that’s how big they already are.

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