How to get there?

Where is Werchter?

The festival park is located on the Haachtsesteenweg in Werchter (Belgium). Werchter is centrally located, not too far from Brussels (30 km) and close to Leuven (15 km).

Public transport or traveling by bike are the most practical and convenient ways of getting to Rock Werchter.

Map: camping & parking areas

By train

Travel via Leuven or via Aarschot

Each festival ticket entitles you to a free ticket for public transport (train and festival shuttle bus) to and from Rock Werchter. You can either travel to the festival via the train station of Leuven, or via the train station of Aarschot.

Travel via Leuven if you're

  • Staying on The Hive, The Hive Resort, The Hive ADL or Camping A1
  • Not staying on a campsite in Werchter 

Travel via Aarschot if you're

  • Staying on Camping C3 or C7

Download your free e-train ticket

Your festival ticket itself is not a valid train ticket. Each festival ticket entitles you to 1 free and personal train ticket for a return journey in 2nd class from the Belgian train station of your choice to Rock Werchter and your campsite. The ticket allows you to travel to the train station of Leuven or Aarschot. Transfers by bus of De Lijn to the festival are included.

The train ticket can be downloaded from using your unique SNCB code you'll be able to download on

Thanks to the Party Train with DJ that will run from Ostend to Leuven on the 4th of July, the festival already starts on board!

By bus

The De Lijn bus company runs a shuttle service between the Leuven and Aarschot railway stations and the festival site. The stop for the bus arriving from Leuven is located in zone A (The Hive, Camping A1). The bus arriving from Aarschot halts in zone C (Campings C3 and C7). The festival site is located within walking distance of both stops. A single ride takes about 15 minutes.

  • Line 1 (Leuven - stop Wijgmaalsesteenweg - Leuven): use this line if you're travelling to the festival park, The Hive, The Hive Resort, The Hive ADL or campsite A1. The Hive is located right next to this bus stop. For those not camping in Werchter, this stop is recommended as well.
  • Line 2 (Aarschot - Werchter village - Leuven): use this line if you're travelling to Camping C3 or Camping C7. Only those in possession of a valid e-train ticket or people living in Aarschot can take the bus in Aarschot.


  • Wednesday 4 July: 1pm - 10pm (Line 1 only)
  • Thursday 5 July: 7am - 4am
  • Friday 6 July, Saturday 7 July and Sunday 8 July: 8am - 4am
  • Monday 9 July: 6am - 2pm

New: shuttle bus to Brussels

After the end of every festival day, a shuttle bus runs from the Leuven train station to Brussels. This bus will halt at the Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels South (Midi) railway stations. The shuttle bus leaves every night at 2.30 a.m. at De Lijn platform 2 in Leuven. That is just a few steps away from the bus stop where the festival shuttle bus from Werchter drops you off. One ticket, for a one-way ride to Brussels, costs €16. Tickets need to be booked in advance through Ticketmaster. Get yours in time. The number of tickets to this special shuttle service to Brussels is limited.

Coach service from the UK

Big Green Coach is offering direct UK return coach travel service from Birmingham, Dover, London Victoria Coach Station and Manchester directly. Weekend camping festival ticket and travel packages also available. Sit back, relax, have a snooze and wake up at Rock Werchter. Enjoy the weekend to its fullest and then jump on the coach back to the UK. Stress free. For information and booking see

By bicycle

Be green, be healthy and come to Werchter by bike! You'll be here in a heartbeat. You can park your bike nearby and you'll get home quickly afterwards.

The festival is setting up three bicycle parks within walking distance of the festival:

  • KBC Bicycle parking area A - located near The Hive.
  • KBC Bicycle parking area B - located on the Provinciebaan to Rotselaar.
  • KBC Bicycle parking area C - located near the bridge of Werchter.

Cycle parking is free of charge. The cycle parks will be under constant surveillance. In the cycle parks, a (limited) number of spaces will be provided for mopeds. A cycle repair point will be provided at the cycle parks. For a small fee, you can have a punctured tyre or broken brake cable repaired.

Park & Bike

You would like to bike to Werchter, but the distance is a bit too large? Choose park & bike! Bring your bicycle in/on the car and park your car on one of the free parksites located a bit further away from the festival. Continue your journey by bike and park your bicycle on one of the supervised bicycle parks near the festival.

You can park for free in one of the following locations:

  • Event site Haacht (across Wespelaarsesteenweg 114 Haacht). Distance by bike to the festival: 3 km
  • Sportoase De Toren (Torenstraat 115 Rotselaar). Distance by bike to the festival: 3.5 km

By car

Drivers are recommended to take the more direct route to the festival from their point of departure. This will help spread the arrivals and departures and cause fewer traffic queues. Important: trust the road signs and switch off your sat nav.

  • From Antwerp: take the E19 in the direction of Brussels and follow the signposting
  • From Brussels: follow the messages on the road signs on the ring road of Brussels
  • From Liège: take the E314 in the direction of Genk and follow the signposting
  • From Genk/Hasselt: take the E314 in the direction of Leuven and follow the signposting

Parking the car

In the vicinity of the festival ground there are about ten car parks, divided into 3 zones (A, B and C).

If you're not staying on one of the campsites in Werchter, follow the highway signposting to the nearest available parking space. The signposting will be updated continuously.

If you are staying on one of the campsites in Werchter, select the right route to the nearest car park:

  • Zone A: accessible via E19 - The Hive, The Hive Resort, The Hive ADL, Camping A1
  • Zone B: accessible via E314, exit 21 Holsbeek - Camping A1 and Camping C3
  • Zone C: accessible via E314, exit 22 Aarschot - Camping C3, Camping C7 and Camping Mobilhome

If the parksites in a specific zone are full, you'll be directed to another parksite in a different zone. Please keep an eye on the signposting by the road.

From parksite C16, you can take the free festival shuttle that takes you to the festival site. The shuttle bus is going back and forth between the parksite and the festival site continuously.

All parksites, with the exception of The Hive parking, are run by local associations or private individuals. For security related reasons, no cars, trailers and other vehicles are allowed on the campsites. Wild camping – including camping on parksites – is strictly forbidden by law.

Parking your car costs 20 euro (from Wednesday 4 July) or 15 euro (from Thursday 5 July), regardsless of the duration. The parking fee is to be paid on the spot, in cash. The parking ticket you'll receive is your proof of payment and should be placed behind your windshield.

Tip: are you using the car to drive back and forth to/from the festival? Please note the parking fee is to be paid every time you access the parksite. We recommend using other - more sustainable - methods of transportation, such as public transport, park & bike, etc. Better for your wallet and the environment. Win-win.

Parking for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds

Parking your motorcycle, scooter or moped is possible on the The Hive (North) or B2 parksites. A parking ticket costs 10 euros, to be paid on the spot, in cash. Please note: you will be given a parking ticket as a proof of payment.

Kiss & ride

Want to avoid traffic jams near the festival? Have yourself dropped off and picked up at the Leuven train station. At P1 Parksite (Martelarenlaan, Leuven), you can park for free for 30 minutes. A free shuttle bus will take you to the festival.

For those living in the vicinity of the festival, a few kiss & ride zones are located nearby. Follow the signposting 'kiss & ride'. You can only stop for a quick load-in or load-out. Parking on the kiss & ride zone is not allowed. Please keep in mind the roads to the kiss & ride zones might be congested!

  • Zone A: Wijgmaalsesteenweg - Haacht
  • Zone B: Kapelstraat - Rotselaar
  • Zone C: Tremelobaan - Werchter

By motorhome/camper

Mobilhomes (motorhomes/campervans) are welcome at Camping Mobilhome. This campsite is accessible from Wednesday 4 July at 4 pm until Monday 9 July at 12 pm (noon). Buy a Camping Mobilhome ticket if you're coming by motorhome. More info can be found here.

By touring car / coach

If you're heading for Werchter in your own coach, we recommended you to sign up via You will receive detailed directions and your parking space for the coach will be reserved.

By plane

Belgium is easily reached by airplane. From Brussels Airport (BRU), direct trains go to Leuven. Also from Charleroi Airport (CRL), Leuven is easily reached by train.

More info on and​​​​​​​.

Bus trips to/from the Netherlands - Maximal

Get the 'Maximal' out of it and travel to Rock Werchter with Maximal! Don’t want to worry about anything with cold beers within reach whilst being driven to the festival? If this sounds like (rock) music to your ears, go with Maximal for your trip to Rock Werchter! Choose your own departure time: Wednesday 4 July or Thursday 5 July.

Buses depart from all over the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Nijmegen, Dordrecht, Utrecht, Arnhem, Tilburg & Zwolle. Is your location not in the list? Ask for it with Maximal!

Benefit to the Maximal bus trip:

  • Travel together with your friends in the same bus
  • Free beers during the trip
  • Always a tour guide and a safe trip guaranteed with SKTB/ISO-9001 transport
  • Transport by luxurious touring car

Starting at 29 euros, book your return trip to Belgium. Take a look at Maximal for more info. Hop on!

Travel packages from Israel - On.Tour

On.Tour is the pioneer of Music tourism in Israel, bringing groups to Rock Werchter since 2007. They offer travel packages to live concerts and music festivals throughout Europe, bringing thousands of music loving Israelis to various types of events.

The typical On.Tour Music Experience consists of flights, transport, accommodation, event tickets and even dedicated On.Tour reps who add a fun and often alcoholic twist to the entire journey.

All information can be found on

Travel packages from Israel - Ticketim

Ticketim is an Israeli travel agency specializing in packages for rock concerts and festivals around Europe. Ticketim's package to Rock Werchter 2018 will take you to the festival with direct flights, a private bus for every moment of your journey, festival tickets and a few days of relaxation in Amsterdam at the end of the trip.

Ticketim also offers short packages with direct flights from Israel, festival tickets and even hotel rooms during the festival. This year, a travel cancellation insurance is available as well, with the option to cancel your trip and get a refund.

All information can be found on

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