Festivalpark Werchter Belgium

North West Walls brings the best street art to the Festivalpark

New murals adorn North West Walls, Rock Werchter's street art project. Over the past few weeks, Caratoes (BE), Iota (BE), Sophie Mess (UK), Pastel FD (ARG), Ben Peeters (BE) and Ratur (FR) have completed their artworks on the container towers of North West Walls. Starting Werchter Boutique, which takes place on Saturday 17 June, the works can be enjoyed at the Festivalpark in Werchter (Belgium) for a whole twelve months, by festivalgoers only at first, then street-art lovers outside the festival period.

Once again, the Werchter festivals promise to be unforgettable. Whether Rock Werchter, TW Classic or Werchter Boutique - true to tradition, all three will present an outstanding musical line-up. North West Walls, Rock Werchter’s very own street-art festival, has big names of its own to introduce. Curator Arne Quinze has invited a considerable Belgian delegation for the eighth edition of North West Walls: Caratoes, Iota and Ben Peeters. And he also invited international artists Sophie Mess (UK), Pastel FD (Arg) and Ratur (FR). Over the past few weeks, the artists completed their works in the Festivalpark.

Rock Werchter had already demonstrated that art can work at festivals. We've had artworks at the Festivalpark, a partnership with Amuseevous, and free museum entry with a festival wristband… And then, in the shape of North West Walls, the festival introduced an amazing art experience in 2014. As an artistic project, North West Walls is highly ambitious. A beacon in the landscape, it can be admired at the Festivalpark even beyond the festival season. As a permanent installation. Except it's not. Because North West Walls looks different every year. Arne Quinze, curator of North West Walls, aims to draw attention to the benefits of diversity in our public spaces. He hopes to encourage people to engage more creatively and consciously with the environment they live in. North West Walls allows him to bring the international world of street art to Werchter.

The year 2023 marks the 8th edition of North West Walls. Past participants include Adele Renault (BE), Alex Maksiov (UKR) Alexandre Orion (BRA), Astro (FR), Bezt Etam (PL), Bik Ismo (PR) Case Ma’Claim (DE), Charlotte De Cock (BE), Defo (BE), Deih (ESP), Federica Furbelli (IT), Fintan Magee (AU), Francisco Bosoletti (ARG), Gamma Acosta (US), Hoxxoh (US), Hyuro (ARG), Irene Lopez Leon (ESP), Jabi Corte (ESP), Jarus (CAN), Jen Zie (BE), Joram Roukes (NL), Julia Volchkova (RUS), Low Bros (DE), Lula Goce (ESP), Mantra (FR), Martin Ron (ARG), Milu Correch (ARG), Miss Me (CAN), Mohamed L’Ghacham (ESP/MAR), Nosego (US), Nychos (AT), Paola Delfin (MEX), Phlegm (UK), Pichi & Avo (ESP), Pixel Pancho (IT), ROA (BE), Smates (BE), Smug (UK), Sckaro (FR), Telmo Miel (NL), Zenith (BE) and Zenk One (NL).