The Barn

Thu 27 Jun 13:00 - 13:50

Zwangere Guy

‘The hardest working real G in the game’. That’s what Jan Paternoster (Black Box Revelation) had to say about his buddy Gorik van Oudheusden, a.k.a. Zwangere Guy. In just a couple of steps he has become a heavyweight voice on the national hip-hop scene. And the chairman of the Brussels division. Last year, Zwangere Guy made the best Belgian hip-hop album of the year as a member of STIKSTOF. ‘Overlast’ also took the capital city crew to Rock Werchter. This year, he’s released one of the sharpest Belgian (hip-hop) albums under his own name. He was given his unusual nickname by STIKSTOF. If something is really good they say ‘die shit is zwanger’ [‘that shit is pregnant’]. In which case ‘Wie is Guy?’ (2019) is heavily pregnant! And the performance of the album during two sold-out home matches at the AB has made national stage history. All sounds very promising!

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