The Slope

Thu 30 Jun 16:25 - 17:00

Yumi Zouma

The friends in Yumi Zouma held their first concert at home in Christchurch, the second city of New Zealand. They only started writing songs when half of the quartet moved to New York and Paris. Why make it easy when you can make it difficult? This cross-border collaboration immediately led to a tour with compatriot Lorde. Not long after, the globetrotters recorded a debut album of dreamy synthpop in the studio of the late Philippe Zdar in Paris. ‘Willowbank’ (2017) was their first New Zealand-made production. Jazz musician Olivia Campion joined on drums. Their latest record, ‘Truth or Consequences’ (2020), was branded ‘picnic disco’ by Pitchfork. You can imagine lying down in the sunshine, occasionally awoken from your slumber by a drum roll.