The Barn



“Very jovial, funny and intimate.”That’s how a member of the audience at Whitney’s first Belgian concert in 2016 described it. The group was formed after the split of the Smith Westerns, an indie rock trio from Chicago. Guitarist Max Kakacek and drummer Julien Ehrlich - previously in Unknown Mortal Orchestra - got something new going. Their main point of reference was The Band. After gently simmering for about a year, the result was to ‘Light Upon the Lake’ (2016), a warm folk-rock album that won praise from Elton John, among many others. Their latest album, ‘Forever Turned Around’ (2019) only increased his devotion. Unusually, Julien Ehrlich drums and sings at the same time. But that’s not such a problem with a falsetto. And who’s Whitney? A fictional songwriter with a drink problem. The pair write all their songs from his perspective. 

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