The Slope

Fri 1 Jul 16:35 - 17:10


Ene Clancy is such a great fan of Waterparks that she’s had their song titles tattooed on her arm. The only problem is there’s an ‘in’ too many in ‘See You in IN The Future’. ‘Not a problem,’ said frontman Awsten Knight. ‘The least we can do is change the title of the song.’ And that’s what happened. As well as a sense of humour, the American trio has a knack for catchy songs and a lust for experimentation. It’s no coincidence that Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte are their managers. That pop-punk band was one of their main influences when Waterparks started out. Over time, the three have taken a slightly different path. They like to mix synthesizers with guitars, and their latest studio album came out on the New York hip-hop label 300 Entertainment. In keeping with their humorous nature, its title is ‘Greatest Hits’.