KluB C

Sun 30 Jun 22:45 - 00:15


Underworld are an institution. For a quarter of a century Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have been big in dance music. The former rockers explored a few dead ends before hooking up with DJ and producer Darren Emerson in 1992. It was an explosive reaction. The album ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ (1994) was historic in that it pushed guitar audiences in the direction of dance. 'Born Slippy', from the equally classic film, 'Trainspotting' (1996), was the incendiary that broke the last of the resistance. And the Hyde/Smith duo rolls on with its fresh blend of dub, techno and new wave. Underworld earned its immortality on the road. Their gigs are like pure happenings for body and senses. One hundred percent natural euphoria.