The Barn

Sat 29 Jun 17:50 - 18:50

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club was named after a cinema in the band's home town of Bangor, a seaside town in Northern Ireland. It's actually called the Tudor Cinema, but frontman Sam Hallyday always mispronounces it. And so Two Door became the name of the musical dream he shared with Alex Trimble and Kevin Baird. In 2009 the trio signed up to Kitsuné, the hip Parisian label,. Their debut 'Tourist History' (2010) was mixed by dance king Philippe Zdar (of Motorbass and Cassius fame). They also toured with the pride of French pop, Phoenix, which reveals something of the band's finesse. But their mix of indie, pop and electro has a rocky edge and no small dose of British madness. On their latest album, 'Gameshow' (2016), the three unexpectedly, but altogether convincingly, revive the spirit of Prince. And that's how they intend to carry on.

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