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Fri 6 Jul 13:40 - 14:15

Tom Walker

Singer-songwriter. Version 2018. Tom Walker from Manchester combines artisanal songcraft with samples, hip-hop beats and reggae vibes - quite often all on the same track. The voice he records over it can flow like honey and grate like a rasp. Walker has his father’s large record collection to thank for his broad range of influences and musical directions. It included AC/DC, Ray Charles, The Police and Bob Marley; he's put a list of the best tunes he found there on Spotify. The young Walker learnt to play a whole range of instruments and studied Songwriting at the College of Contemporary Music in London. The rest is history. Walker was world-famous before he – only recently – released his first album! The opening singles ‘Just You And I’ and ‘Leave A Light On’ have each been listened to more than 30 million times on Spotify. This spring he embarks on a second American tour.

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