The Slope

Fri 1 Jul 15:00 - 15:30

Tin Fingers

Tin Fingers took a while to find their sound. At first, the Antwerp band played dark folk before moving on to psychedelia and garage rock, while their promising first EP ‘No Hero’ (2017) was alternative pop. This was followed by a spell of radio silence: the band wanted to do something different but did not know what. Frontman Felix Machtelinckx decided to hit the pause button, and spent a year working with Hendrik Willemyns of Arsenal on the music for the album and documentary ‘The Rhythm Of The Band’ (2021). This sidestep had a healing effect on Tin Fingers. They went back to their early days: sombre folk songs accompanied by vintage grooveboxes. Sampling and refining those old rhythms has created interesting electropop. The title of their debut album speaks for itself: ‘Groovebox Memories’ (2021).