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Tierra Whack

15 songs, each exactly one minute long. Tierra Whack’s debut ‘Whack World’ (2018) is all over in a quarter of an hour. There has to be a reasoning behind this concept, and indeed there is.  The album serves as a commentary on streaming and social media. The inspiration comes from the permitted length of 60 seconds for a video on Instagram, which led Whack to attempt a radical theoretical exercise. The rapper and songwriter from Philadelphia demonstrated her mastery of imposed restriction. She trimmed away the fat and got straight to the point. Every single one of these minutes shows a different side of her. The rapid transitions give the record panache and colour. There is also a short video to accompany every song, and the result is half OutKast, half Sesame Street. How does it work live? The one-minute songs are alternated with longer tracks.

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