The Slope

Thu 27 Jun 14:05 - 14:45

The Vintage Caravan

There’s more to Iceland than the ethereal sounds of Björk and Sigur Rós. The Vintage Caravan survived the long winters by battering guitars in a tiny rehearsal room full of lava lamps. Óskar Ágústsson, Alexander Númason and Stefán Stefánsson are big fans of the psychedelic rock of the sixties and seventies. Such long-haired heavies as Black Sabbath, Cream and Led Zeppelin. These fresh-faced twentysomethings started out young. They wouldn’t have been allowed in to their first major public appearance at the Eistnaflug metal festival if they hadn’t been accompanied by their parents! The Vintage Caravan was picked up by the major German label Nuclear Blast and the band even moved to Denmark to be closer to the record company. They have impressed with their energetic shows and have become the standard bearers of a new generation of hard rockers.  

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