The Slope

Sat 29 Jun 22:55 - 23:40

The Slow Readers Club

A four-man band from Manchester, just like New Order and The Smiths. The Slow Readers Club closes the gap between these two city icons, producing electro-pop powered by guitars in the same vein as Editors. Despite their great potential, the road to recognition is very long. The gentlemen have been working hard on carving out a career for themselves since 2010. Even when they sold out the O2 Apollo Manchester (3500 seats), they continued to remain under the radar in the rest of the world. They seemed to destined to be stuck with the eternal status of ‘biggest band you’ve never heard of’. It was only the support of a few influential bloggers and radio producers that kept The Slow Readers Club going. But talent always comes to the fore. The thirty-somethings were one of the most acclaimed bands at Eurosonic, the annual festival for young people in Groningen, early this year.

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