The Lumineers

‘Ho Hey’ by The Lumineers was one of the sounds of 2012. The American folk-rock band are as meteoric at winning hearts as the not entirely dissimilar Mumford & Sons. Around the world ‘Ho Hey’ dominated the charts for a seriously long time - in the US alone it clocked up 62 weeks and five million copies. The reason for that success, people say, is the authenticity of The Lumineers. Acoustic instruments, cuddly people, brilliant anthems. But their cheerful banjo pop also has depth to it. Drummer Jeremiah Fraites’ brother Josh was guitarist Wesley Schutz’s best friend. When Josh died of an overdose in 2002, Jeremiah and Wesley found solace in the music they created together. At home in America today, The Lumineers are a stalwart, and Jack White has declared himself to be a fan. The excellent album ‘III’ (2019) should rekindle the European connection.

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