The Slope

Fri 1 Jul 22:00 - 22:55

The Chats

Every Australian youngster can yell along to The Chats’ 2017 cult hit ‘Smoko’ (2017). This ode to the cigarette break reached Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, who then recommended them to Josh Homme. The three went on tour with Queens of The Stone Age. Next, Iggy Pop invited them to support him. The boundless energy and fresh waywardness of The Chats also charmed the public. Their debut album, ‘High Risk Behaviour’ (2020) is a scrapbook of short musings on everyday life. They have titles like ‘Stinker’, ‘The Kids Need Guns’ and ‘Drunk and Disorderly’ and concern mundane things like freeloading, excessive alcohol use and sexually-transmitted diseases. The title of the album comes from the wording on the fines that drummer Matt Boggis frequently receives for skating in places where it’s prohibited. Lust for life!