The Slope

Fri 28 Jun 18:45 - 19:25


Shorthand for ‘swimmers’. Synonymous of four punk rockers from California who love The Beach Boys and the Ramones. And who like a good laugh. Because let’s face it, who else would call their first record ‘Don’t be a dick’ (2011)? Their debut was produced by none other than Billie Joe Armstrong, the frontman of Green Day. The reason for this is very simple. His son Joey is the band's drummer. At the time, when ‘Don’t be a dick’ was released; the band was still called Emily’s Army. After switching band members in 2014, the foursome changed the band’s name to SWMRS. This was a step towards maturity on all levels. On their latest album, ‘Berkeley’s on fire’ (2019), the band shared its own very explicit take on such major themes as diversity and feminism, albeit always with a broad smile.

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