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Sum 41

A meaningful voice for the generation raised on blink-182, Good Charlotte and Green Day. Sum 41 started out by covering the American skate punk phenomenon NOFX. The band was formed on the 41st day of the summer of 1996, which is how they came up with their name. Unlike their contemporaries, the Canadians have always been die-hard punks and outsiders. They were the first rock band to sign for hip hop label Def Jam, when big boss Lyor Cohen saw and heard in them a wild(er) version of the Beastie Boys. And they're one of the few bands to have received a nod of approval from Liam Gallagher. After nearly a quarter of a century, Sum 41 are still on top form. The tracks on ‘Order in Decline’ (2019) have all the fire and quality of 'best ofs' like ‘Fat Lip’, ‘Waiting’ and ‘In Too Deep’.

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