The Barn

Sat 29 Jun 14:15 - 15:15

Strand Of Oaks

Revered in Belgium. Our land is the promised land for the man behind Strand Of Oaks, Tim Showalter. They don't get him as well anywhere else. The amiable American started in intimate folk and was frequently played on the radio programme ‘Duyster’ (Studio Brussel). He took a very different direction on ‘HEAL’ (2014). Showalter discovered the Neil Young inside and began making loud Americana. ‘Goshen ‘97’, with guitar fireworks by J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), achieved cult status. The new album, ‘Eraserland’ (2019), was born against the background of a serious dip. His good friend, Carl Broemel, of My Morning Jacket got him through and plays on the record with three other members of the band. ‘Weird ways’ was a hit on the Afrekening chart. It seems that what we have here, in the making, is a repeat of the unlikely successes of The War On Drugs.