The Barn

Fri 1 Jul 13:40 - 14:40


From Brussels with love! STIKSTOF is the verbal newspaper for everything that goes on in the capital’s neighbourhoods, all delivered in impeccable Brussels Dutch. Astrofisiks, DJ Vega, Jazz Brak and Zwangere Guy (originally Omar G) are intelligent, headstrong and every bit as streetwise as their notorious French colleagues from zone 02 (Caballero & JeanJass, Roméo Elvis). STIKSTOF caused a stir in 2016 at Couleur Café and Dour. Their third LP, ‘Overlast’ (2018) gave them the final push towards stardom. The critics were unanimous: no better hip-hop record was made in this country that year. Then followed a three-year hiatus while Zwangere Guy wrestled with his demons. They got back together on ‘Familie Boven Alles’ (2021), an ode to friendship with reportage from their personal lives and the hip-hop community.