Main Stage

Sun 3 Jul 18:50 - 20:00

Royal Blood

Royal Blood is a deliciously loud duo from the British seaside town of Brighton. Their story began when bassist/singer Mike Kerr returned from a trip through Australia in 2013. Drummer Ben Thatcher picked him up from the airport. On the way home, they started a band, and Royal Blood played their first concert the next day. Their fame was given a boost when Matt Helders, Arctic Monkeys drummer, performed wearing one of the band’s t-shirts at Glastonbury 2013. The reviews of their previous Werchter appearance didn’t lie: “How many people does it take to uphold the ‘rock’ in Rock Werchter? Two”, De Morgen wrote in 2017. “Collective whiplash for a rampaging audience” screamed Studio Brussel. Royal Blood are now even more danceable, since discovering dance and disco on ‘Typhoons’ (2021).