The Slope



‘We are called PUP. We’re from Toronto. We play loud music.’ That’s how the Canadian punk band PUP introduce themselves on Facebook. By loud music they mean the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age and Weezer. Their name is an abbreviation of ‘Pathetic Use of Potential’, a term used by the grandmother of bassist Nestor Chumak. She felt they were wasting their talent by playing in a rock group. In 2012, the quartet sent a demo to Dave Schiffman, a veteran who has worked with The Mars Volta and Rage Against The Machine. Not long after, their dream producer turned up in Toronto, to their surprise. Schiffman became the band’s permanent coach. He takes his time to make their frenzied sound even more fantastic. According to Billboard, ‘Morbid Stuff’ (2019) is a ‘must-hear punk album’. And it’s their third. 

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