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Placebo’s first appearance at Werchter was in 1997. In the afternoon, between Silverchair and Paul Weller. Their last was in 2014, just before Metallica. The old trio is now a duo. Once again. Because that's how it all started. Placebo is the offshoot of an encounter between the Stefan Olsdal, a Swede, and Brian Molko, an American Scot born in Brussels. They go to school in Luxemburg together and meet again in London in 1994. They form Ashtray Heart, which becomes Placebo a year later. In 2015 Olsdal and Molko become a duo again. They are joined live by four musicians. Rumour has it that the creators of ‘Every you every me’, ‘Special K’ and ‘The bitter end’ are coming to Rock Werchter 2020 not just with their old hits, of which there are many, but with new material!

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