Pixies have inspired the formation of thousands of bands. “I was trying to rip them off,” Kurt Cobain said of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. ‘Paranoid Android’ by Radiohead is also indebted to the band formed by Black Francis - nowadays Frank Black - in the mid-80s. He was a blissfully twisted soul obsessed with surf-pop, religion and UFOs. The sensual voice of bassist Kim Deal gave their energetic rock a thrilling edge. The Francis-Deal combo released five superb albums in six years. Just when their native USA fell under their spell in 1994, Francis announced their demise. Live on the radio. Luckily, the story didn’t end there. At first, the reformed band included Deal, though she left later on. This seems to matter less as time goes on. ‘Higgledy-piggledy and surreal’ was how Humo described their last concert in Forest National (October 2019). Just as it should be.

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