Main Stage

Thu 30 Jun 18:45 - 19:45


Pixies have launched a thousand new bands. So many of today's greats are indebted to the American band conceived by Black Francis – or Frank Black as he is known these days - in the mid-1980s. Frank Black is a wonderfully eccentric spirit who loves surf pop, religion and UFOs. The sensual voice of Kim Deal, on bass, gives their music an exhilarating edge. The Francis-Deal alliance yields five superb albums in the space of six years, which make Pixies big in Europe. But with America on the verge of capitulation, Francis pulls the plug - on live radio. Luckily for us, the story resumes in 2003 - initially with Deal on board, later with Paz Lechantin. It matters less and less. “Topsy-turvy and surreal”, wrote HUMO in 2019, after a concert at Forest National. Spot on. In September they will present album #8: ‘Doggerel’.