Main Stage

Sun 8 Jul 21:00 - 22:30

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

'Mind-blowing', 'A triumphant gig', 'Perfection'…. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds’ current tour is one of the most critically acclaimed. The Bad Seeds take live performance to another level and over thirty years have established themselves as perhaps the most dynamic and transcendent live band of their generation. 'Nick Cave is most likely one of the best performers of our time', the Dutch music magazine Oor recently wrote. With The Bad Seeds he enchants his fans. 'It’s hard to think of another band that can shift so seamlessly from elegance and control to white-knuckled bedlam', The Guardian writes after the show in Manchester. The magic translates into sales figures. The remarkable 'Skeleton Tree' (2016) is their best-selling album in Belgian charts. Rock Werchter and Nick Cave go way back. He first performed at the festival in 1989 and has returned many times. A warm welcome back.

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