The Slope

Sat 2 Jul 18:20 - 18:55

Mother Mother

In October 2020, Mother Mother’s ‘Hayloft’ leapt from 100,000 to 1 million streams in four weeks. Remarkably, the song by this Canadian band formed around brother and sister Ryan and Molly Guldemond dates back to 2008. Even more remarkably, ‘Hayloft’ does not feature in the soundtrack to a popular film or series. It would seem that TikTok is responsible. The band opened an account on 20 August 2020. In the first month they attracted 300,000 followers. Today they have 2.5 million. There’s no conclusive explanation for this, apart from the fact that the bouncy indie rock of ‘Hayloft’ – and by extension the whole debut album ‘O My Heart’ (2008) – has clearly struck a chord with a new generation. It’s had quite a rejuvenating effect: on their latest album ‘Inside’ (2021), Mother Mother sound every bit as energetic and zany as they did in the beginning.