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Sun 3 Jul 15:10 - 15:55

Moses Sumney

At the age of ten, Moses Sumney left California for the countryside of Ghana. His parents worked there as preachers. It was a massive culture shock. Some years later, the family returned to America. Sumney studied poetry and creative writing in Los Angeles. People soon started talking about his musical talent but he kept his powder dry. He sang on a Beck album and befriended Thundercat and TV On The Radio. ‘Aromanticism’ (2017) was an instant success. The critics couldn't get enough of his phenomenal vocal range and omnivorous taste. One reviewer described the album as a form of therapy. ‘Græ’ (2019) is the superlative degree: a musical suite of twenty songs that draw from jazz, classical, soul and minimalist electro. Part Prince, part Jeff Buckley, part Solange.