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Fri 1 Jul 13:35 - 14:00


Moly is Irish for Mary. The name often appears in the names of Irish pubs and in folk songs. And for a few years it’s been part of the name of a metal band that combines the Celtic tradition with French prog rock. MOLYBARON was formed in Paris in 2014 by Irish singer-guitarist Gary Kelly and Frenchman Steven Andre. Their untitled debut caused problems for critics: how were they to label this music? Prog metal? Maybe groove metal? Or just rock? ‘I think it’s a bit of everything,’ says Kelly. It’s certainly made MOLYBARON one of the most talked-about bands on today’s metal scene. ‘The Mutiny’ (2021) is here to keep the conversation going. Comparisons run from ‘Therapy on acid’ via a very loud version of Dropkick Murphys to Mastodon and Tool.