Main Stage

Fri 1 Jul 22:40 - 01:00


Metallica celebrate their fortieth birthday in October 2021, and have enjoyed huge acclaim for more than thirty years. The American band is an institution, and the first name that spontaneously comes to mind when you think of metal. They also helped to grow the genre with 1991’s ‘Metallica’, aka ‘The Black Album’. Hits like ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ gradually propelled the album to sales in excess of forty million. Metallica became the first metal band to headline a regular rock festival in 1993. And guess where? Werchter. Metallica is the group that has brought the largest number of fans to the festival over the last three decades. 2022 will – again – be a date with history.  Metallica will join The Chemical Brothers as the acts that have hit the festival stage the most times.