The Barn

Fri 28 Jun 13:00 - 13:50


The self-appointed inventor of traphouse jazz. A blend of, as you’d expect, trap, house and jazz. Masego will not be pigeonholed. This musical autodidact is DJ, rapper, comedian, singer and a gifted saxophonist. The American with Jamaican and South African roots has unusual musical tastes. He is crazy about Cab Calloway, a flamboyant bandleader from the 1930s. Among the living, DJ Jazzy Jeff is his mentor. The hip-hop pioneer has previously helped Eminem, The Roots and Jill Scott on the road to success. He advised Masego – South African for ‘blessing’ – not to lose ‘the sauce in music’. The artist, now in his twenties, translates this into super sexy grooves and sensual beats you can dance to or chill out to. Spice and heat are added by Sasha, a dark-metallic saxophone made in Zimbabwe.

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