The Barn

Sat 2 Jul 13:30 - 14:15

Marcus King

Marcus King - formerly The Marcus King Band - is a collective of long-haired youngsters who play soulful rock’n’roll. The man after whom they are named is just 26 but has been making music for over ten years. He’s the son of Marvin King, a familiar name in blues circles. His other teachers are Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks who played in The Allman Brothers Band for years. King’s debut came out on Haynes’ personal label. ‘Soul Insight’ (2014) kicked off a tour that may never end. The concerts are warm occasions thanks to three horn players who elevate the blues rock. ‘Caroline Confessions’ (2018) and ‘El Dorado’ (2020) have helped the name of Marcus King gain recognition beyond the United States. A notable guest on both albums is Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys).