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Marc Rebillet

Nothing up his sleeves, nothing in his hands: Marc Rebillet takes the stage unprepared, conjuring up new songs on the spot with nothing more than a laptop and a keyboard. They’re great songs, too. It all started in 2016 with a YouTube channel where Rebillet posted videos of songs he came up with in his bedroom. He had 50,000 subscribers within two weeks; now there are half a million people every week waiting for new material. Eventually he could no longer resist the temptation to try it out live in the bars of his hometown of Dallas, and a new phenomenon was born. How does he do it? “I put aside a few ideas in advance and get a good look at the type of audience I’m playing to.” The songs on his latest album ‘Europa’ (2019) are named after the cities in which they were conceived. Including Charleroi and Ghent.

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