Main Stage

Sat 29 Jun 19:20 - 20:35


Ben Haggerty is a white American with Irish roots who got into hiphop through the black rappers of Digital Underground. This alternative group from California was renowned for its bizarre costumes and humorous lyrics. Haggerty began rapping at fourteen under the name of Macklemore, a superhero of his own imagination. The promotional photos were shot by Ryan Lewis. This was a collaboration born of humour and social commentary. Their breakthrough single 'Thrift Shop' (2012) pokes fun at the bling-bling culture of American hiphop. The fall-out is immense: two Grammies, a parody on Sesame Street and more than a billion views on YouTube. In 2017 they decide to put the partnership on hold. Macklemore fills the gap with successful solo work. His album 'Gemini' (2017) features remarkable guests Kesha and Skylar Grey.

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